for those who want to feel at home in their photos

This is for people who currently feel uncomfortable with their appearance or with being in photos generally.  It is for those who are ready to courageously face any issues they may have with their looks.  These are my roots: I started my photography ten years ago working with teenage girls who didn't feel beautiful.  If you feel you can't look good in photos - allow me to prove you wrong.

There is no real time or photo limit - we shoot until I am certain your images will be powerful and bring out different sides of who you are.

Inspired by the Sun, Judgment, and Emperor cards from the major arcana - in honour of Mars, Fire, and the Sun.
-from £2800


for those who are ready to turn towards the home within, and feel seen for who they are 

This is a meditative and mindful experience where we allow ourselves to surrender - together - to the beauty of the moment. A safe space, a container to let go of being a shining star and simply BE - all for the purpose of facing the shadows that are haunting you, and the inner child you may have been neglecting.  A full day together where you're safe to release the sense of control, the closed fists of grasping and chasing that which is elusive, and where you can finally allow yourself to fully surrender to the idea that the answers will come to you precisely when you let go. 

This package is for people who sense that there is something that needs to be seen and explored within themselves - but they are finding it elusive and just outside their grasp.  Something doesn't feel aligned - and you know you'd prefer to explore this with someone holding your hand, bearing a torch and shining a light on the fog - instead of wasting lots of time with trial and error.

We will make loose plans based on your needs (photographically, professionally, personally) and set intentions - but our aim is to remain open to things shifting.  Whether you intend to shoot formal portraits all day, face your shadows with me, dive deeper into whatever inner conflicts are keeping you stuck in old emotions, chat about your moon sign and what it means for self care, explore a new space with fun photos and lively chats, discuss why your brand doesn't match your truth, explore oracle/tarot cards together, go shopping (yes, really!), try a new adventurous activity that takes you out of your comfort zone, face a big fear, be guided in a meditation, or simply just cry for the purpose of release...  

Just know that nothing will go according to plan - and yet, everything will go according to Plan.

Inspired by the Princess, Queen, and 8 of Cups from a Thoth deck -  in honour of Venus, Water, and the Moon.

A full day with no real time limit beyond our mutual energy levels - no photo limit (I will edit every image that feels worthy of sharing)
- from £12,000


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