"I'm nervous/scared of what I may end up facing."

I hear this a lot.  I've had clients who have taken over a year to reach out to me.  I understand that there may be a fear that deeply rooted insecurities may show up in this kind of work.  If you've read any of my work or listened to my podcast, then you know that my work goes deep.

But I also need to express that I always make sure that your comfort is the priority.  Yes, moving out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable in a squirmy, "ew this is gross" manner.  But it should never feel like reliving trauma, or painful in manner that can't be released within the moment.  Of course I push my clients by asking the right questions and guiding them to face the shadows they're running away from - but I do with the understanding that we will only face the obstacles you're ready to face and release - and never anything beyond that.  We stay in the moment and focus on what is happening on the surface in the present - we don't go exploring old wounds unless they are already showing up in your words and energy in an obvious manner.

What matters most is that you feel safe.  Nothing else is more important than this.


"I don't fully understand the difference between the packages."

Mirrored is a portrait-only exclusive package for people who work in music, movies, and magic (occult, astrology, storytelling).

Embraced is an offering that focuses on showing who you really are, and helping you feel at home with how you look in photos.  We will focus on creating images that bring out the inner you so that your photos give the right impression of who you are, and explore any shadows that may come up related to this.  Please note that this is not in-depth shadow work - if this is something that interests you, you may prefer the next offering.

Seen is a full-day meditative experience where we allow our day to be dictated by whatever comes up in the moment.  Loose plans will be made, and can include photography, (brand) identity alignment, and/or shadow work with a dose of astrology and tarot.  We will honour how you feel during the day and allow that to dictate how the experience goes.  Just know that nothing may go according to plan - and yet, everything will go according to Plan.  Please note that this is the best option if you are looking to create an abundance of images or do deep internal work together.  This is also often the best offering for people who have a habit of trying to control their path to the point of sabotage.

"I'm not sure I can afford your work, and don't want to reach out without knowing more."

Firstly, I welcome anyone in my inbox who is willing to fill out my enquiry form with honesty.  There is no obligation for you to work with me, and I enjoy chatting to potential clients even if they aren't quite ready to work with me yet.  Having said this - I do offer instalment plans between 2-6 months depending on which offering you choose. I also offer a large discount if you decide to pay in full.

For clarity, Mirrored is £550, Embraced is £2800, and Seen, my most exclusive offering, is £12,000 if paid in full.

These rates do not include travel or accommodation.  Sessions are only confirmed after first payment (whether that's an instalment or full payment).


"I'm not photogenic."

Most of the people you see in my photos thought the same thing before I photographed them.

I blame photographers for bad photos - not their subjects.  Too many photographers care more about getting a technically correct image, instead of how the client feels about themselves after the photos.

I say "after the photos" because it's easy to do a makeover and then use Photoshop to hide all perceived flaws.  But what effect does this have on the client when they look in the mirror?  What's the point of having nice photos of yourself if the only comment you get is "Wow, you look so different!"

My aim is to create images that help you love who you are right now - not just a glamourised version of yourself.

In fact, my Embraced package is specifically for people who aren't feeling too great about how they look in photos right now.

"I'm shy and uncomfortable around cameras."

I specialise in working with people who don't feel comfortable in front of the camera - it's how I started. I believe that anyone can feel and look powerful in a photo, with the right guidance.

Your comfort and sense of safety is the most important thing to me - as echoed by most of my clients: it's never just about the photos.

Some people are afraid they won't like certain aspects of how they look in their images.  Others are afraid that I'll uncover a side of themselves that they are afraid to face.

I understand.  After years of doing this, I know when a client has reached their limit - and I will never push you past that.  You set the pace.  This is your experience - I am just here to hold your hand.


"I have a religious or cultural reason for my discomfort when it comes to photo-shoots."

Let me be very blunt: a lot of photographers are either male, white, or both.  I tend to attract clients who secretly feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea of working so intimately in a photo session with a man, or someone who doesn't understand their culture.  As a mixed woman of Asian descent - and third-generation East African - I understand this.

"I'm not ready for a photo-shoot - I want to make some physical changes first."

This hurts to hear.  While I understand where it comes from, and sometimes feel/think the same thing - the point of my photography is for you to recognise your power and worth(iness) right now.

Not once you've changed something about your looks, not once you're more confident, and definitely not "when you love yourself more".  I strongly believe that self-love is a practice, not a destination - so to have more of something we have to embody it first.  Sounds illogical, but... it is what it is.

The scene below (George Clooney and Spike Jonze scene in Three Kings) explains it best.


"Who owns the photos?  What if I want our work to be kept private?"

Copyright remains with the photographer, unless rights to the images are bought.  This isn't usually necessary, unless you decide to sell my images or use them for anything other than promotion of your personal brand.  For example, selling my images on merchandise isn't ok unless we've agreed to this in writing.

This means that you can use the images for personal purposes, and for your brand if you're an artist or entrepreneur.

Due to the fact that I rely on social media for my marketing, I regularly share the best images from a shoot for promotional purposes.  If I choose an image of yours for this purpose, please let me know if you'd prefer not to be tagged.  As a general rule, I do not share images with nudity and/or boudoir on my social media unless the client has given me permission to do so.

"Where are you based - and do you travel to clients?"

I am based in London (UK), but travel to clients regularly.  Rates mentioned do not include travel outside the city I'm in.

However, I've photographed people and their pets all over the world (from Bali to Nairobi, and Amsterdam to Brooklyn) and feel at home in over 7 cities - so I'm happy to travel to you, wherever you are.

Most photo sessions take place at/around the client's home.


"I want to chat to you about booking!"

If you'd like to enquire about booking, please click here.

If you have read through all the FAQs but just want to connect, come say hello on Instagram :)