How can I be of service?

I am a UK-based* portrait photographer who prefers honesty over aesthetics.  My deepest wish is to help people feel seen for their inner self, and create images that say more than their captions.

Using a camera, I create portraits that "feel like you’re seeing yourself for the first time in a film that you didn’t realise was being made about you” (a client said that).  I offer 3 packages that range from just a few photos to luxury experiences that help you celebrate yourself in a unique manner.

I combine my photography with shadow work; an intuitive form of guidance to help you face the parts of yourself you're avoiding or feeling blind towards.  All my work is informed by astrology, with an occasional look at tarot cards for extra guidance.

In my podcast, I speak about  my journey into my own shadows, in order to share what helped me find home (within my body, mind, heart, and world). 

Finally, in my newsletter (From My Home to Yours), I share my writing, and reminders to help you find home within chaos and calm. 

How I create my photos

Since 2009, I've been using a camera to focus on what I feel the world needs:

Less perfection - more honesty.
Less planning - more allowing.
Less restrictions and expectations - more freedom and ease. 

If one could summarise 10 years of my work into a stylistic summary, I'd describe it as a disarming combination of motion and vulnerability.

My work is merely a mirror of who I have chosen to be.  The fearless manner in which I always keep my heart open allows me to capture that in the world around me.

While my images may sometimes look like they were meticulously planned, about 95% of my portfolio was shot in under 5 minutes.  I then spent hours making sure every detail on the image fits the truth my eye saw in that moment.  I want my imagery to be powerful in its softness, and to feel like you caught a glimpse of someone’s most private and secret side.  I want to show beauty in the seemingly mundane, power in vulnerability, the lovability in everything we might deem unlovable.

I try to make my work look like I simply pressed pause on a well-crafted film that you didn’t even know you were in*. 

Because that’s exactly what I did. 

*(That’s a quote from a client, by the way.  If you’d like to read more of what clients say about me, click here)

What does it mean, to feel at home?

With everything I create, I intend to help you discover what it means to feel at home - within your mind, body, heart, and the Universe at large. 

I feel at home in 7 cities, and yet I have often struggled to find a sense of home within myself.  Dealing with almost a lifetime of homelessness within my body and mind has led me to understand that home is process, peace, and possibility - all at once.

It is not, however, the elusive state of perfection we endlessly scroll towards, and neither is it meant to be about constant tireless progress.  It is play, it is presence, protector and prize.  It is the hug of a loved one, the reminder notes you keep leaving on the corner of the counter, the slightly imperfect manner in which that frame is angled on the bigger picture you keep forgetting to look at.  It is defined by both silent tears and deafening screeches of laughter.  It breathes in solitude and thrives in company. 

How I got here

To view my personal transformation (this gallery is regularly updated), click here.

I come from a background of severe psychological abuse and mental/physical illness. I use vulnerability and a camera in my personal life to foster healing,  transformation, and self-acceptance through honest public expression and (literal) shadow work.

I aim to do the same for my audience and clients.

Everything I do in my work - including this website - is a direct result of my journey.  By allowing me to witness you fully - I thank you for witnessing me.


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