What does it mean, to feel at home?

With everything I create, I intend to help you discover what it means to feel at home - within your mind, body, heart, and the Universe at large. 

I feel at home in 7 cities, and yet I have often struggled to find a sense of home within myself.  Dealing with almost a lifetime of homelessness within my body and mind has led me to understand that home is process, peace, and possibility - all at once.

It is not, however, the elusive state of perfection we endlessly scroll towards, and neither is it meant to be about constant tireless progress.  It is play, it is presence, protector and prize.  It is the hug of a loved one, the reminder notes you keep leaving on the corner of the counter, the slightly imperfect manner in which that frame is angled on the bigger picture you keep forgetting to look at.  It is defined by both silent tears and deafening screeches of laughter.  It breathes in solitude and thrives in company. 

Are you being seen for who you truly are?

We have so many sides to us, and yet, when we get a photo-shoot done we tend to focus on a perfect look, where everything is in place. But that isn’t human. That isn’t real. We do it because we see perfection all around us and assume that that’s what we are supposed to do... but I’m tired of this. I’m tired of the pressure we all put on ourselves to be and pretend to be something we are not.

In a world where many of us are forced to wear masks and shrink who we are, I invite my clients to trust that their light shines brightest when their most honest shadows come out to play.

I create portraits that "feel like you’re seeing yourself for the first time in a film that you didn’t realise was being made about you” (a client said that).  My roots in photography started with clients who didn’t believe they could possibly look good in a photo.  Unlike makeover photo sessions, where you’re shown a version of yourself that you never see in the mirror - I prefer to help people feel seen for who they actually are.   Most of my best portraits were shot in under 5 minutes, in less-than-ideal environments and circumstances - symbolic of the deeper work I do, showing clients that the gold is found exactly where they refuse to look.

If one could summarise 10 years of my work into a stylistic summary, I'd describe it as a disarming combination of motion and vulnerability.  I combine my art with shadow work; an intuitive form of guidance to help you face and express the parts of yourself you're avoiding, hiding, or feeling blind towards.  Most of my work is also informed to some degree by your (astrological) natal chart.  While I treat my art with honour and care - the experience never ends up being entirely about the photos.

In the process, I become less of a photographer, and more of a witness and friend.  How can a photographer show who you are, if they don't truly see you?

* I am UK-based, but travel often - scroll down for my updated travel schedule.

How I got here

To view my personal transformation (this gallery is regularly updated), click here.

I come from a background of severe psychological abuse and mental/physical illness. I use vulnerability and a camera in my personal life to foster healing,  transformation, and self-acceptance through honest public expression and (literal) shadow work.

I aim to do the same for my audience and clients.

Everything I do in my work - including this website - is a direct result of my journey.  By allowing me to witness you fully - I thank you for witnessing me.


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